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Sports Camp - Case Study

Please see your monthly Facebook Ads Campaign Report. 


  • The first row shows a summary of all campaigns. This is the row to pay attention to. 

Here are highlights: 

  • Your brand was shown to parents in the Northern VA area a total of 174,202 times (impressions)! This helps the Slam City brand awareness. 
  • Your ads drove 929 visits to the website Camps page (Clicks)
  • Of these visitors, 96 of them clicked the button to "Register Now" (Start Checkout)
  • 47 of these (almost half), completed a Purchase in your system (Purchase Camp) - within 1 to 28 days of viewing/clicking the ads
  • On average it cost $23.21 for each purchase. We targeted a $195 weekly camp purchase.
  • Total ad spend of $951.76
  • Total Return (assuming $195 purchase price for 1 week camp) would be $9,165.00
  • ROI (subtract return from ad spend) [$9,165 - 1,448.24 total spent] = $7,713.24.00
  • You have $48.24 remaining for ad spend of your initial budget for future campaigns

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